Current Projects

Find out about current CAP projects.

The Carers’ Advisory Partnership undertake a range of projects aimed at improving the lives of carers and the people they care for. Included below are a range of our current priorities.

  • Concessions for carers
  • Promotion of CAP
  • Podiatry service for carers and cared for
  • Disposal of community equipment
  • Using the term ‘carer’ correctly – e.g. differentiating between unpaid carers and care workers
  • Participation with other citizen groups such as the Adults’ Partnership.
  • Personal budgets 
  • Welfare benefits and advice

Concessions for carers

A partnership working group has been established focusing on leisure services. Once this is fully in place the partnership hope to expand this to look at other areas such as carer discounts. 

Promotion of CAP

A working group have created new marketing material for the Carers’ Advisory Partnership with the aim of increasing the membership of CAP. The group have been working on new posters, flyers, postcards and an updated website. 

Participating in citizen groups

The Carers’ Advisory Partnership actively participate in a number of citizen groups including the Adult’s Partnership. You can find our contribution to their July 2018 meeting here [Doc, 22Kb]. 

Want to make a difference?

We recognise that carers come from all walks of life and have a breadth of experience and expertise to share. If you’re a carer or former carer and you’d like to make a difference to the lives of people just like you, please get in touch